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Jose T. (Hawaii)

Ever since I began taking the VG7 supplements in April of 2016, my blood pressure is now normal & my A1C has improved.

Rita (Guam)

My friend Martha gave me a pack of VG7 Samples in June 2016.  Since taking the VG7 my arthritis pain has subsided and I’m now able to open & close my hands.  The VG7 has made such a difference in my life after having pain for so many years.

Connie S. (Oklahoma)

I began taking VG7 in April 2016 & I now sleep through the night & my A1C has improved.

Josephine (Guam)

I had fallen down about 2 years ago and landed on my knee.  Since then it has been swollen & painful. After taking the VG Wellness products I have realized the pain & swelling is gone & I can actually kneel down again.

Shereen U. (Guam)

My skin has been irritated & itchy and had tried everything before using the Moringa Body Balm.  This is the only remedy that has worked & my itchiness has subsided.  Also during my physical my physician said I had abnormal cells a few months ago.  Since taking the VG supplements I was happy to hear at my last doctor appointment my abnormal cells have disappeared.  I told my doctor about the supplements and he encouraged me to continue taking them.

Jessmel Q. (Montana)

I wasn’t able to have my blood pressure prescription filled, but since I just had received my VG7 supplements I started taking them & my blood pressure is now normal.  I’m so happy to achieve this with using the VG7 supplements.

Rosita B. (Guam)

After taking VG7 my carpel tunnel has subsided and now I can open & close my hand without pain.  I can now go fishing & using my machete to work on my farm.

Ron D. (California)

Before I started taking VG7 my blood pressure averaged 135/90, after taking VG7 for approximately two weeks my blood pressure averaged about 110/77 and six months later it’s still about 110/77. I stopped using VG7 for 3 days to see if my blood pressure would go back up and it did, needless to say I’m hooked on VG7.

Terri S (Guam)

I sent VG7 and Bitter Melon to my daughter who is diabetic.  Her blood sugar was 290 and I’m to happy to report it’s now 109.

Gerrie A. (California)

I am 66 years old, have had asthma since birth and have been diabetic for 25 years. Since taking VG7… my health has improved dramatically… my doctor [has] reduced my medication. I have lost weight as well and VG7 has made me more conscious about natural health.

Cil R. (Guam)

Since taking the VG Wellness supplements I have noticed new hair growth..

Leonard G. (California)

After a month of taking VG7, my chronic pain and aches in my body have been getting better. My energy level has increased as well!

S. Nakamura. (Hawaii)

At my age, 90, I have difficulty walking around so I stopped shopping and buying groceries. But ever since my niece introduced me to VG7 I have gone shopping again and buying more groceries and I am back to gardening. My energy when I was younger is back and I don’t want to miss a bottle of VG7 in my life!

Linda M. (Nevada)

I have extra energy in the afternoon without a caffeine letdown! A noticeable flatter stomach! Feeling fuller with less food! Sleeping soundly and feeling refreshed in the morning! These are some of the immediate benefits I experienced taking VG7. My increased energy and sound sleep happened right away. My decreased appetite and flatter stomach was noticeable within 3 weeks. Being an RN and knowing the wonderful, healthy & vital nutrients that VG7 provides all in one capsule, I personally make sure that I take 2 VG7 capsules per day during this flu season to help boost my Immune System and keep myself healthy.

Roger T. (Nevada)

I had a bad patch of psoriasis on my back for 6 months that no prescribed medicine could heal. I spent months suffering with it itching, trying to find relief with a back scratcher, the corner edge of a wall, using the creams & ointments prescribed! Finally I found VG7! I remembered what my Filipino parents did with the Malunggay (Moringa) & Ampalaya leaves when we were little and they had no medicine. I opened a VG7 capsule, added a drop of water, made a paste, had my wife apply it to my psoriasis and covered it with one of those see thru bandages. Immediately, I felt the penetrating warmth and great relief from that horrible itching!!! And this is the best part. After she applied it again 2 more times within that week my psoriasis was GONE! My skin is now flat and there is no more itching!!! Hallelujah!!! I continue to take my VG7 capsule orally every day because I believe that it keeps me healthy with all the vitamins and nutrients that the 7 important vegetable leaves provide; the vegetables our parents wisely fed us.

Efren E. (California)

“I’m 63. I thought I was pretty healthy because I still play basketball 5 days a week and eat healthy foods. In 2012 it hit me, aside from having hypertension, got high blood fats (hyperlipidemia) and to add to the damage pre-diabetic. I got worried, so I religiously take the meds that my doctor prescribed. But in August 2012 our friend invited us to see this certain presentation. Initially my wife doesn’t want to go, but she wanted to be nice to our friend so we said yes. The mom of our friend who was with us at that time was having an allergic reaction from an allergy shot that was given to her for her allergy test, she started to get the hives and scratching non-stop then a lady opened a bottle and gave her one capsule and she ask for one more before we go. To make her story short by the time we were done eating dinner the hives and the bumps on her skin went away. After that my wife told me that I need to take it, she got us 2 bottles and in less than 3 weeks amazing things start to happen! Come September11, 2012, I had an appointment with my doctor. My doctor was amazed because my blood pressure went from 149/95 (sometimes higher) to 114/72 my doctor told me that he’s going to STOP my hypertension medication, my cholesterol went down, and glucose level went down to normal! My wife and I were so happy after my appointment with the doctor we celebrated and we ordered everything that we don’t usually eat before! We are still eating healthy. Thanks to VG7 and to our friend (Annie) who invited us, good thing we said yes to her invitation. We now carry our bottle everywhere we go because we don’t want a day to go by without it.”

Edna M. Las Vegas NV.

About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with severe arthritis & have been on disability since then. Everyday I have lived with pain and and numbness in my right hand where I couldn’t bend my finger’s. 6 months ago my sister called me to try VG7, after 3 months of her telling me about it I finally tried the VG7 and have had wonderful results. After just 5 days of taking the VG7 I could start bending my index finger and the numbness was starting to go away. After just 3 weeks I have been able to do “Close-Open” with my hand. Since then about 75% of my pain is gone & I can now enjoy cooking again. I should have listened to my sister sooner.

Nita D. Retired Diamond Bar CA.

My friend Norma Jean (otherwise known as Marilyn Monroe) introduced me to the VG7 Wellness 7 months ago. Since I started taking these 7 vegetables, I have gotten stronger everyday and my blood pressure is normal. For your information, 5 years ago I had a stroke, half of my body was paralyzed and I couldn’t speak fluently, but now everything in me is normal. I salute my Lord and Thanking him for helping me and also to the VG7 Wellness.

Rosario A. Retired Inglewood CA.

I am 93 yrs old. Three months ago I was hospitalized due to stomach ulcer bleeding. When I was discharged from the hospital I felt very weak from loss of blood. Had no appetite to eat. I have also been bothered by constipation. I was introduced to VG7 by my daughter Norma Jean and I hesitated to take it at first. I finally started taking a capsule of VG7 at breakfast everyday. Within one week of taking it I noticed my appetite increased, my mood is up, my voice is stronger and I have more energy. Constipation is gone, I now move regularly. I can do my crossword puzzles again in comfort. It is such a relief and joy to feel healthy again, without illness nor any pain, and I pledge to myself that I will continue taking this capsule and will never be without my wonderful life-giving and big blessing called VG7!

Rosie C. Glendale CA

I have always been troubled by constipation. Ever since I started taking VG7 I have experienced great improvement and regularity. What a great relief it is for me. Thank You VG7!

Francis Abergas Moreno Valley CA

My name is Francis Abergas, & I’m 69 years old. I’m a retired United States Marine Corps Vietnam War Veteran & also have 24 grandchildren & 5 great grandchildren.
When I was younger, in my 20’s – 40’s I exercised, lifted weights & ran between 3-6 miles a day. I also did 2,000 crunches a day, sometimes even 3,000 if I pushed myself. I could bench press 300 pounds, do arm curls of 120 lbs. & leg lifts at 1,000 lbs.
Years later I was in a car accident, where my back, legs & hip was injured. This led to a major depression, where I would only watch TV & led a sedentary lifestyle. My weight ballooned from a sold 170 lb. to 200 lb. & I started losing muscle tone. I was diagnosed with arthritis in both knees and my right hand, eventually leading to a total knee replacement on my right knee. I told the Dr. I wanted to find an alternative to a knee replacement for my left knee since the surgery was so painful & I needed to take pain killers, without any relief.
For over a year now I have been taking the VG7 & it has helped my thru 2 bouts of pneumonia & surgery for a blocked intestine. Even with my temperature soaring to 107 degree’s the VG7 has helped me. My blood pressure was 150/90 and since taking the VG7 it’s now 119/69. My left knee that didn’t have the knee replacement is now better than the right knee too. My energy level is up and I can now do yard work again in half the time.

Benny R. Tustin CA

I am reaching the fifties and very concern about my health for the years to come. For two consecutive years I have been trying to lower my blood sugar levels from 114 to 98 doing exercise and dieting ,but I did not succeed. It was until my good friend Annie Trovada introduced to me VG7. She told me how VG7 have changed many lives, and guess what? I decided to sign in and start taking VG7. In less than 20 days my blood sugar level decreased from 109 to 92. By sharing VG7 I know I can help my community. Thanks VG7.