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It’s our final week of our Healing Habits campaign! I hope you learned even just one thing that can help promote a better lifestyle for yourself, whatever that may be. This week it’s all about faith and believing in something bigger than ourselves. I’m happy to put myself out there and let you know that

Have you ever had a bad day, felt terribly stressed, and then went outside and instantly experienced a sense of relief? Was it the sunshine on your face? A light breeze? Getting outside really does make you feel better! Just like plants, sunshine and fresh air are important for humans to have healthy lives. The

When you hear the word “diet” what comes to mind? Weight loss? Restriction? Calories? Healthy? Failure? Carrot sticks? This week’s topic is something I am personally very passionate about. If I did not become a nurse, I think I certainly would have headed into the nutrition field. I find it fascinating that by simply changing

Zzzzz…. Sleep. Something so simple, yet difficult for some people. According to the Centers for Disease & Control Prevention (CDC), adults should sleep 7 hours or more per night for optimal health (2016). Anything less is considered insufficient sleep and can have negative impacts on an individuals overall quality of life. In the same article,

B Bitter melon is a tropical vine and belongs to the gourd family. The oblong-shaped fruit is green, has a unique bumpy appearance and an equally distinct sharp flavor. Also known as Momordica Charantia, the bitter gourd originally came from India before it was introduced to China and then traveled to other parts of Asia.