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The VG Wellness Opportunity

Get health, get wealthy. Own your life.

Earn with us

Are you looking for a way to better your life? Do you find yourself often thinking that even though you’re not unhappy with your current situation, you know that you could be doing more… or even doing better? What does doing better even mean?

VG Wellness was designed to help you realize this “better” state of being. We devised a solution that fits practically everyone’s wants and needs. Through careful research and strategic initiatives, we’ve managed to expertly unite our unique wellness products, one-of-a-kind culture and exciting financial opportunity into something that you and those close to you can greatly benefit from.

Though our products are for everyone looking to get a little more nutrition in their diets, the opportunity is for anyone who:

  • could use some help paying the monthly bills
  • needs a way to get out of debt
  • wants to retire on residual income
  • is looking for a way to pay for their next:
    • big trip
    • kitchen remodel
    • Car

Our opportunity is for anyone who is willing to work for chance at something different, something better. If you’re that type of person, VG Wellness is for you!

Make money your way!

Direct sales

Sell the product. Keep the profit.

Fast Start Bonus

Reach your goals quick and earn more money.

Leadership bonus

Get promoted and begin receiving  leadership bonuses when new IBOs start their business with a Value Pack

Residual income

Earn 5% on your sales and those in network through 7 levels. Earn 10% on the 8th level.

Infinity bonus

Earn 1% commission after the 8th level when a new IBO is promoted in that leg

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