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Who We Are as a Company

We uniquely blend health and financial opportunities into one comprehensive offering

Our Story

VG Wellness was born from the mission of helping helping people everywhere live healthier, more meaningful lives. All that we do is bent around that singular focus. Everything we do and make,  especially our products, allows us to further our mission.

The VG Wellness Mission runs very deep. In fact, VG Wellness was founded by healthcare professionals, a surgeon and physical therapist. Our founders began this company with the sole purpose of helping people live better by offering superior health products through our unique sales system that allows any one to join and make money selling our products. This allows us to create the best health products and reward those who take the time to educate themselves and others about our products and health in general.

We aim to empower all that we meet by making our products and opportunity affordable and sustainable. We refuse to be considered typical, both as health product provider or network marketing company.

The Mission

We are here to empower all of our stakeholders (customers, independent business owners, suppliers, etc.) with the ability to lead healthier lives by marketing superior wellness products, offering a unique financial opportunity and spreading knowledge of health and wellness.

The Vision

Our vision is the cultivate a network of health people who are educated, empowered and helping others to do the same

Our Story

It is too often that we think of health and wellness in a reactive sense. Get sick, go to the doctor. VG Wellness looks to change that. We believe that one should take a proactive and preventative approach to health by leading an active healthy lifestyle supplemented with complete nutrition.

VG Wellness was founded by two healthcare professionals, a surgeon and physical therapist, as a healthy opportunity for those looking to better their lives, physically and financially. Through our unique wellness blend, VG 7, we give you a 100% natural dietary supplement and provide an exciting opportunity to be a part of our network of distributors.

Founder and CEO

Michael W. Cruz, MD

A third generation Filipino American, Mike was raised on the Island of Guam. He went on to graduate from Loma Linda University School of Medicine and become a very successful surgeon. He also managed to become a Colonel in the US Army, serving several tours in Iraq and once in Afghanistan. Dr. Cruz also served the island of Guam as a senator and later the Lt. Governor. While in public office, he instituted a number of legislations as a part of his health care initiative. In addition to managing a multi-million dollar budget, he managed to eradicate smoking in all public areas and has received multiple awards for his initiatives, including one from President George H.W. Bush.

Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Nonoy C. Famisaran

Nonoy Famisaran is a first generation immigrant from the Philippines and is a graduate of Loma Linda Univ School of Allied Health with a B.S. in Physical Therapy. He has over 20 years’ experience as a Corporate Rehab Director for Skilled Nursing Homes & Rehabilitation Facilities. He helped establish a Rehab company from the ground up that today is one of the largest & most successful Rehab Contracting Companies in California.
Nonoy enjoys being a Physical Therapist, but his true passion is in Network Marketing & has been involved in the industry for over 20 years. He has been a top achiever in several companies using his skills as a leader and team builder. Nonoy state’s that he gets his biggest satisfaction when he ignites energy & enthusiasm in the minds of people & helps them achieve success in health & financial wealth.
He and his wife Michele are the parents of four grown children and two grandchildren. They reside in Loma Linda California.